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1) Who can invest in portfolios?

An Individual Indian citizen above 18 years of age or corporate investor can invest starting from Rs. 10 Lakh in our ready to invest portfolio through partnership in LLP that owns and manages all the investments. Investors will be able to transparently track their investments regularly.

2) How is this different from investment advisory or PMS?

We are not equity investment advisor or PMS that has limited investment options. We offer investment as a business service for limited investors by creating long term portfolios. Investors become part of an investment business and do not have to worry about investment risks or volatility. 

3) How safe are these investments?

40% to 60% of the capital is always invested in security backed fixed income assets. The risk is hedged between multiple assets. This gives us an edge to achieve higher ROI than any single asset investment. 

4) Do you offer single asset investment service?

We do not recommend to invest in single asset as it carries investment concentration risk.

5) Do you provide advisory on investing in startups and unlisted companies?

We do not advise for any direct investment in startups & unlisted companies as they may seem very profitable but at the same time they carry risk of illiquidity and risk of losing some or all the money. We do detailed analysis before investing in such businesses in our portfolio. The allocation however will always be very small as compared to safer investments.

6) Do I have to pay taxes on return on investment?

Profit distributed through LLP is tax free but any appreciation earned on sale of share of LLP by its investor will attract capital gain tax.

7) What are the charges for advisory and portfolio services?

For investments through LLP in our ready to invest portfolios there will be 0.5% per month fee deducted from investment value as operational charges.

8) When can I withdraw my investment and what are the charges?

For investors in INCOME Portfolio complete amount can be withdrawn anytime after 3 months. For investors in GROWTH Portfolio only up to 60% of investment could be withdrawn before 3 years tenure completion as some secured investments in portfolio will have lock-in period. Withdrawal is free of cost but the value of investment withdrawn will be as on day of withdrawal.

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