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1) Who can invest in multi-asset investment portfolio?

An Individual Indian citizen above 18 years of age or non-individual investor can invest starting from Rs. 10 Lakh upto Rs. 1 Crore based on availability in our ready-to-invest portfolio owned and managed by company registered under 'The Companies Act, 2013'. Investors will be able to transparently track the investments regularly and become shareholder in the investment company.

2) How is this different from investment advisory or PMS?

We are not equity investment advisor or PMS. We offer 'Investment as a Business Service' for limited investors by creating long term portfolios. Investors become part of an investment business and do not have to worry about investment advisory risks. 

4) Why not invest in single asset generating highest returns?

We do not recommend to invest in single asset as it carries investment concentration risk.

5) Do you provide advisory on investing in startups and unlisted companies?

We do not advise for any direct investment in startups & unlisted companies as they may seem very profitable but at the same time they carry risk of illiquidity and risk of losing some or all the money. We do detailed analysis before investing in any business in our portfolio.

6) Why do you invest in unlisted or private businesses?

We invest in or acquire unlisted companies/ private businesses after thorough due diligence and preferably businesses that generates profits. We invest only if we can add value and grow the business multi-fold. This gives us regular profits and necessary diversification to manage risk. 

6) How safe are these investments owned and managed by the company?

We have conservative approach and our priority is safeguarding investor capital. The capital is diversified across multiple assets and are rebalanced when required based on investing factors to achieve a favorable risk to reward ratio. This helps us achieve consistent high ROI with less risk.

7) Do I have to pay taxes on returns earned on investment through company?

Profit distributed through company as dividend is taxable as per individual tax slab. Investors exiting by selling their shares will have to pay capital gains tax based on the gains earned and tenure of holding.

8) What are the charges to be paid to maintain investment portfolio under company?

For managing investments owned by the company there will be minimum operational expenses deducted every month from revenue generated and there is not need to pay extra charges.

9) How can I withdraw my investment?

Investors in company that owns investment portfolio can withdraw their investment anytime after completion of one year. Since, the investments are owned and managed by the company, investors can sell the their shares to existing and new investors or shares can be bought back by the company after approval.

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